Open Your G.I.F.T.S Vol. 2


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In  life,  we  all  go  through  a  series  of  ups  and  downs.  When  life throws  us  curveballs,  it  can  be  all  too  easy  for  us  to  ask  Why  me?  However,  what  if  we  shifted  our  perspective  and  saw  the  negative  vents  in  our  lives  as  blessings  in  disguise,  as  gifts  that  we  can  leverage  to  make  our  lives  and  the  lives  of  others  better?  

Presented  by Actress/Comedian Kim  Coles,  Open  Your  G.I.F.T.S.,  Vol.  2 , is  a  collection  of  stories  that  encourages  us  to  do  just  that.  Each  of  the  authors , including Diamond shares  a  part  of  their  journey  and  demonstrates  how  they  turned  their  hardships  into  strengths.  G.I.F.T.S.  stands  for  Gratitude,  Intention,  Forgiveness,  Triumph,  and  Self-Love,  and  the  anthology  is  divided  into  sections  that  address  each  of  these  themes.  Reading  the  stories  of  these  authors  will  inspire  you  to  open  your  own  G.I.F.T.S.  and  share  them  with  the  world. Diamonds G.I.F.T.S is TRIUMPH.

Sneek Peek

Excerpt Just For You! Open Your G.I.F.T.S,.Vol II


We relocated hoping to start life over and leave our worries behind, but after five years living in another state and three weeks of pure hell; six months later we went into hiding. At that point I only had two questions I needed answered, the first question I asked myself is this; why didn’t I just go to college after high school? And the other question I dare not ask is to question God, but he knows me oh so well, so I won’t question God, but I have this question for God: "Why me God?" 

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In My Mother's House


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In this wonderful memoir, the author offers a vivid representation of both the crucial and vital occurrences that happen in the house where the author and the neighborhood grew up. Diamond shares of her memories with the house where her life was shaped and where she learned more about life. With all the things happening in the house, it opened her eyes to the realities of life and she bravely shares what it has offered to her and to others. Warm and suspenseful, this release has more exciting and lesson-filled occurrences to tell readers to enjoy and reflect on.